Boarding/Day Care


Located in Moores Hill, IN just 50 feet behind our home is the Dog Gone Dirty dog house.  A 18′ x 24′, temperature controlled dog house to keep our fur-guest cooin the summer and warm in the winter .  Currently there are five 4x4x8 kennels, three 4×4 cubbies, two xxl wire crates, four 3x3x5 kennels and one 3x6x5 kennels inside . We also have two cat condos with four levels, to keep the kitties safe while not being played with or petted.

Currently as of June 15, 2018 the purchase of a new fence was ordered and we are anxiously awaiting for the delivery & Installation of said fence. It will connect to the 15′ x 10′ concrete pad that allows easy access to our indoor play area in the basement of our home. The basement allows us to get out of the weather if need be and provides our guest to run and play in a clean, dry and temperature controlled environment.  There will be 7 new outside runs & the entire fenced in area will be graveled.  We will have a new gate for easier access to the new play yard.  The basement is also home to our grooming salon.  Dogs that are groomed at Dog Gone Dirty can join our guest and play before being groomed as long as we have a current vaccine record on file. We also have a 16′ x 26′ deck on the back of our home connected to the dog park, allowing even more room for play and this allows easy access into our house where some lucky dogs enjoy spending time inside our home.

With almost 10 acres of land and a driveway that is 800 feet long, we take full advantage of our property by taking your dogs on long walks through out the day at no extra charge!  We do it, because we love our fur-guest as if they were our own.


All dogs must be flea free and current on all shots including: Bordetella (kennel cough), Rabies and DHPP. Shot records are required at time of service &/or before checking in. We would like a copy of vet records and ask they be replaced each year.  A flea inspection will be administered upon arrival. If fleas are present, a flea bath will be given and additional cost will apply. If your pet has fleas, there is a good chance they have worms as well.  If worms are found in your dogs feces, you will be contacted and we will contact your vet before giving your dog a wormer.  These added expenses will transfer to your total bill when checking out.  Your pets overall health is as important to us as it is to you. Dog Gone Dirty, LLC reserves the rights to turn away any business for any reason.

For the safety of our employees and the safety of your pets, we may turn away your fur-kids if they are a danger to us or other fur-guest. An emergency contact that is able to pick up your furry child, is required for boarding. Otherwise, Animal Control will be called to collect your pet and you will be responsible for any fines enforced by Animal Control on top of your bill with us.  We will report any bites inflicted by an animal on any person or another animal. We do not tolerate aggressive pets. We have a zero tolerance policy in place and it will be implemented.

If vet care is needed during a fur-guest stay, you are responsible for the vet bill regardless of the illness/injury and it will need to be paid at the time of service via credit card over the phone.  If we are not able to contact you in an emergency, your emergency contact will be financially responsible for the vet bill. We will do our best to get your sick or injured furry to the vet of your choice, but Dr, Janie Meyer Wilson-Schreibeis of On a Roll Housecalls is my personal pets vet and she will help me come to the best course of treatment for our fur-guest.