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About Dog Gone Dirty

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My name is Julie Hail.  I am a certified and fully insured pet groomer. Dog Gone Dirty is a licensed facility by Dearborn County, IN.  I am the owner and primary care giver at Dog Gone Dirty.  I have had CPR and First Aid training for cats and dogs. My love of animals has transformed into a passionate  business where I feel I am able to give back to my community.  It is my pleasure to care for your beloved pets whether it be during a grooming session, a day of care or an extended visit while you are away.

Dog Gone Dirty is located in the heart of my home where I reside with my loving husband and our young adult daughter and two growing sons. In addition to our 2 legged children, we have Snickers an 18 lb Cocker Spaniel/Yorkie-Poo mix, 2 black & white elder sister kitties named Angel & Blemish and a young black cat that adopted us when she was only 5-6 weeks old named Olive.  We humans love the many different dog breeds and take full advantage of getting to know each and every one of them however, our furry family only tolerates the strange traffic.  They do pretty well, considering the kitties are outside and get chased off by the doggies almost every day.

Dog Gone Dirty is a fully insured and licensed non-traditional kennel and grooming salon. We pride ourselves in being a flea free facility and have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fleas.  All pets are combed over at check in and if fleas are present, a flea dip will be given and the cost will be added to your total bill.

We can’t thank you enough for all the support and referrals.  There is no better compliment than that of a referral.

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For the safety of our employees and the safety of your pets, we may turn away any fur-kids that are a danger to us or other fur-guest. An emergency contact that is able to pick up your furry child, is required for boarding. Otherwise, Animal Control will be called to collect your pet and you will be responsible for any fines enforced by Animal Control on top of your bill with us.  We will report any bites inflicted by an animal on any person or another animal. We do not tolerate aggressive pets. We have a zero tolerance policy in place and it will be implemented. Emergency contacts are also needed for unforeseen circumstances that we have no control over such as extended power outages, natural disasters, family illness, injury or death. Please be sure your emergency contact is aware and agrees with their responsibilities before listing them as the emergency contact.

If vet care is needed during a fur-guest stay, you are responsible for the vet bill regardless of the illness/injury and it will need to be paid at the time of service via credit card over the phone.  If we are not able to contact you in an emergency, your emergency contact will be financially responsible for the vet bill. We will do our best to get your sick or injured furry to the vet of your choice, but Dr, Janie Wilson of On a Roll Housecalls is my personal pets vet and she will help me come to the best course of treatment for our fur-guest.

Feel free to call around to other kennels in the tri-state area and compare. Please keep in mind Dog Gone Dirty, LLC is a licensed and fully insured business.  Your fur-kids are walked and let outside for potty breaks a minimum of 5 times a day, including “free play” with other dogs… pending temperament. Some good dogs may even be able to lounge on our couch upstairs in our family room with us. We do not charge to have petting sessions with your fur-babies. If that was the case our rates would be through the roof as often as we love on our guest! We truly love and treat your pets as if they were our own.